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Friends gathered around a campfire in their fire ring
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Nature Photography

Nature inspires us, brings us peace, and shows us things that can never be duplicated by humans.
All of us are drawn to the beauty of nature, stopping at overlooks while hiking or driving, visiting local state parks, and making long journeys
to famous national parks just to see what is there.

Here are a few of these places captured for you in photographs for your enjoyment.

Grand Canyon National Park
Photos by Greg Palmer
Grand Canyon Sunrise
The Maryland Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team In Training - Hike program traveled to Grand Canyon National Park. Here you will find several photo galleries from the trip.

Yosemite National Park
Photos by Greg Palmer
Yosemite Nevada Falls
The Maryland Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Hike for Discovery program traveled to Yosemite National Park. Here you will find several photo galleries from the trip.

Oak Creek, Sedona, AZ
Photos by Greg Palmer

Sedona, Arizona is an amazing little city just south of the Grand Canyon. It is full of historic buildings, shops, restaurants, and all the other touristy things you may want to do. Even though it is rapidly expanding it still has an abundant amount of nature to share. Sedona sits at the mouth of Oak Creek Canyon, an absolutely beautiful place, and Oak Creek runs right through the eastern end of town. These pictures show what Oak Creek looks like just a short walk from downtown.

Hemlock Gorge, Prettyboy Reservoir, MD
Photos by Greg Palmer

North of Baltimore Maryland you will find Prettyboy Reservoir and at the western end of the reservoir around the headwaters of the Gunpowder River you will find Hemlock Gorge. This place looks like something that belongs farther north in Pennsylvania or New York.

McConnells Mill State Park, PA
Photos by Greg Palmer

If you are ever traveling on Interstate 79 in Western PA between Pittsburgh and Erie you should make a short detour to visit McConnells Mill State Park. Slippery Rock Creek Gorge cuts through the heart of the park and among the boulders and rushing waters you will find a covered bridge and a historic mill.

Black Snake at Soldiers Delight
Photos by Greg Palmer

During a short hike in the early fall at Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area in Maryland I had the pleasure of discovering a black snake stretched across the trail sunning itself. It was a big snake, between 5 and 6 feet long, and it didnít seem to mind me being around so I took a few photos until it got bored with me and crawled off.

Cascade Falls, Patapsco Valley State Park, MD
Photos by Greg Palmer

A short hike on trails crowded with both Hikers and Mountain Bikers will lead you to Cascade Falls in Patapsco Valley State Park, Maryland. Itís a surprisingly tranquil place but go early before the crowds get there.

Telluride, Colorado
Photos by Greg Palmer

A September trip to Telluride, Co provided some excellent fall colors on the Aspens and very few people on the trails.

Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington, DC
Photos by Greg Palmer

A few weeks every spring in DC the National Mall turns pink. Millions of flowers bloom on the trees surrounding the monuments. Itís my favorite time of the year to visit. These photos are from 2003 on the day I proposed to my wife.

Wallace State Park, Washington
Photos by Greg Palmer

Wallace State Park in Washington has some fine examples of the mountains and forests of the Pacific Northwest. Everywhere you look moss covers the trees and hangs off the branches. Even on a fairly bright and rain free day the forest was damp and dark.

Sugarloaf Mountain, Maryland
Photos by Greg Palmer

Sugarloaf Mountain is one of the few remaining natural areas of Montgomery County, MD. Here is one view from near the top and two from a lower overlook.

A hike to Annapolis Rocks on the Appalachian Trail in Maryland
Photos by Greg Palmer

Annapolis Rocks is located on the Appalachian Trail in Maryland. It is an extremely popular spot for day hiker and overnight campers.

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