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Friends gathered around a campfire in their fire ring
home » Hike For Discovery » Hike For Discovery 2007 - Participant Survey : Jessica Koman
Hike For Discovery 2007 - Participant Survey
Submitted by
Jessica Koman

The 2007 Maryland Chapter Hike for Discovery participants were asked a few questions about their experience. The responses really show what the program means to all who participate and will hopefully help motivate future team members reach their goals.

Why did you participate and did you get what you expected out of the program?

I just wanted to hike and maybe help people along the way.

What was your favorite training hike and why?

My favorite hike was the foggy hike at sugarloaf, it was really peaceful and eerie and the mist was really good for my skin, I also liked gunpowder because it was the first nice warm day we had ever hiked together and everyone was their so it was quite teamish.

What was your favorite hiking trail (not including the Grand Canyon)?

Maybe one of the patapsco trails. (I'm not sure because I was sick when we went to catoctin)

What was your most memorable experience (not including the Grand Canyon trip)?

Having hot tea at Gathland. or the pancake breakfast.

What was your most memorable experience at the Grand Canyon?

Watching the condors swoop down so close you could read their radio tag numbers.

What was the first thought that popped into your head when you saw the canyon?

"This is so surreal, I can't even comprehend how magnificent this is."

What worked best for you with fundraising?

The virtual raffle and a desperate plea for help during the last week

What worked worst for you with fundraising?

Waiting a respectable amount of time in between pleas for money.

What would you do differently with fundraising if you could do it again?

I would not go away for a week the week before the money was due and I would have several fundraising parties. A giant group fundraiser would be fun and make things less stressful.

How often did you hike before joining Hike for Discovery?

Once every month or 2

Will you continue to hike now that the program is over?

I will continue to hike. It was so much fun seeing parts of Maryland that I never get a chance to see.

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