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home » Hike For Discovery » Hike For Discovery 2007 - Participant Survey : Kate Brotman
Hike For Discovery 2007 - Participant Survey
Submitted by
Kate Brotman

The 2007 Maryland Chapter Hike for Discovery participants were asked a few questions about their experience. The responses really show what the program means to all who participate and will hopefully help motivate future team members reach their goals.

Why did you participate and did you get what you expected out of the program?

After some major changes in my personal life about five years ago, hiking became a favorite pastime. Hiking was both physically & mentally therapeutic. Every year, I treated myself to a big hiking adventure trip, each time to a new place in the U.S. that I had never been to before. As I began the planning stage for my next big adventure, I happened upon a web link for the LLS Hike For Discovery program web page. I knew right away that my next big hike would be to the Grand Canyon with Hike for Discovery. This time, my annual adventure could be even more meaningful because it would actually do more for others than for me. Now however, after all is said and done, I realize how much I got out of the program personally... a little more perspective and insight into what really matters in life.

What was your favorite training hike and why?

I really enjoyed the Annapolis Rocks hike. The views were beautiful, the company and camaraderie were great and in the end I felt a sense of accomplishment (and sore muscles!).

What was your favorite hiking trail (not including the Grand Canyon)?

GW Monument / Annapolis Rocks / AT Trail

What was your most memorable experience (not including the Grand Canyon trip)?

The hike at Oregon Ridge-- partly because it ended with an awesome pancake breakfast (!), but also because I brought my 7 year old son with me on that hike and it proved to be a great opportunity to talk to him about doing things for others and how lucky we are to be healthy.

What was your most memorable experience at the Grand Canyon?

Well, I don't think a cold beer will ever taste as good as it did that day celebrating with my hike buddies after nine hours on a hot, dusty, strenuous trail.

Honestly, the whole experience was memorable, but I don't think I've ever had the same feelings of pride and accomplishment as I did at the end of my Grand Canyon hike.

What was the first thought that popped into your head when you saw the canyon?

I had a little vertigo-moment when I rushed up to the edge for my first look so my first thought was "Wow-- I feel dizzy."

What worked best for you with fundraising?

Including the link to my fundraising web page in my email signature line got me the biggest spontaneous dollar donations.

What worked worst for you with fundraising?

I underestimated how much work it would be & time it would take to put together events/raffles/etc. to raise the funds. I know that I would have found the fundraising much easier if I had had twice as much time before the deadline.

What would you do differently with fundraising if you could do it again?

First, I would start the process much sooner (like now).

Second, I think that teaming up with other HFD participants to hold fundraising events and activities would be much easier, more successful and more fun.

How often did you hike before joining Hike for Discovery?

Regularly (well... when the weather was nice!)

Will you continue to hike now that the program is over?


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